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About Eco Global Solutions, Inc.

Our Mission

Initiate revolutionary product development through innovative technology and a commitment to environmental awareness.

Our Story

Eco Global Solutions, Inc. (EGS) was founded on the principles that quality products, strong technical expertise, and entrepreneurial ability will ensure we meet our objectives. EGS is part of a worldwide family of companies that have a track record of success. Our Founders and principals are forward thinking with a global orientation about pioneering business practices to preserve our planet.

Forward Thinking: Our Commitment to Making A Difference
EGS’s core synthetic lubrication technology is non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable. It is not harmful to the environment, and does not contain PTFE, copper, graphite, or any EPA-targeted carbon chains associated with existing technology. By helping cut down fuel consumption and reduce exhaust emissions.

EGS is a friend to our fragile environment and offers a breakthrough in lubrication technology. Proven to significantly reduce friction and wear, EGS products enhance performance and fuel consumption, reduce maintenance costs, and maximize equipment life, applicable in a variety of industries.

The unique properties of EGS products enable them to address several challenges with one product, which ultimately translates into a return on investment for our customers on more than one level. Besides the obvious savings in fuel consumption, there are cost savings associated in the replacement of equipment and parts, cost incurred in downtime due to mechanical failures, as well as fees levied against companies that are not in compliance with current environmental requirements.

Whether for transportation, commercial, drilling, industrial or marine applications, EGS delivers the next generation of lubrication and fuel technology.
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