Fuel Supplement History

U.S Production

EGS BOOST production in the U.S meeting ISO 9000 factory standards

ISO 9000 factory 

Harbor Terminal Operation

EGS BOOST-R3000 has been used by harbor terminals

Fuel savings and emissions reduction

90-tons Trucks in Steelmill

EGS BOOST used by industrial manufacturing

Shougang Steel Corporation, China

Heavy-duty Trucking

Eco Global Solutions and Vipar Trucking

VIPAR Co-op heavy duty truck

COSCO Container Ship

Heavy fuel

Truck Emissions Reduction

EGS BOOST proven and tested to reduce emissions.

Immediate soot emission reduction 

Drilling Fluid Enhancer History

EGS DFL Worldwide Application

EGS DFL worldwide applications

ZADCO Project in Abu Dhabi

EGS DFL for ERD drilling

DFL for ExxonMobile ERD drilling  

Offshore Drilling Project

EGS DFL offshore drilling

DFL for a Dubai project 

U.S. Domestic Drilling Project

EGS DFL-NA in Marcellus Shale

DFL-NA in Marcellus Shale, Pennsylvania

Schematic Horizontal Drilling

EGS DFL for HPHT drilling

DFL for HPHT drilling

Typical EGS DFL Application

Typical EGS DFL application